Pacharan Irache 1L

9,00 €
  • GRAPE VARIETIES: 100% wild sloe berries
  • ELABORATION: No typical Navarrese meal could be without the final touch of one of this land´s emblematic products Pacharán. It is an alcoholic drink traditionally made by macerating sloe berries in a light anisette. The berries provide a characteristic dark pink colour, and fruity aromas and flavours, while a light touch of aniseed and sugar provide the required harmony to achieve the typical sensorial experience of Pacharán
  • TASTING NOTES: Intense pink; clean and bright. Intense fruit to the nose, which opens up in the glass. Pleasant mouthfeel with notes of sloe berries
  • Recomendations: It should be served in a crystal snifter at low temperatures (3-7 ºC). Some keep the bottle in the refrigerator while others serve it on the rocks. It is a digestive drink. Pacharán does not improve over time so it should be drunk within the first two to three years
  • Medical Properties: Sloe berries contain vitamin C. They are tonic, astringent and fortify the stomach. The shrub´s flowers are diuretic and slightly laxative when prepared as a tea. Among the virtues popularly attributed to Pacharánn are that it is good for the stomach, alleviates the aches and pains of old age, prevents arteriosclerosis and heart attacks and acts as a sedative of the nervous system
  • Format: 1 L