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  • Designation of Origin: Navarra
  • Cultivation: The white asparagus grows underground and must never be exposed to sunlight. It is harvested manually, by making a small hole in the ground and extracting the asparagus with exquisite care
  • Tasting: It has a pretty white asparagus color, intense aroma and flavor. It is equally soft in the tip to the stem and have no unpleasant strands difficult to chew
  • Properties: White asparagus have always been a symbol of distinction on the table. Its culinary virtues are complemented by its therapeutical properties. It is a foodstuff with an extremely low calorie count and protein content, and high levels of fibre, making it particularly suitable to fight constipation. It is also a magnificent diuretic and an excellent sedative to calm the nerves. It contains large quantities of minerals, such as potassium, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium, and high levels of vitamins, particularly B1 C1, A and E. It also has folic acid and high-quality vegetable proteins
  • Presentation: You can enjoy white asparagus year round: fresh from March to June and preserved the rest of the year. Serve at room temperature.
  • Production: The production of asparagus in Navarre is limited
  • Format: Can with 5 pieces